Winter-Texan season is upon us!

I don’t know about you, but to me, it’s the most wonderful time of the year!  After a long, hot summer, we are excited to see the temps start to drop, but the temperature change means something even better than getting rid of sweaty brows.  In South Texas, it means our Winter Texans are coming!


As early as October, you start to see out-of-state plates dotting the highway, and you can feel the excitement in the air that signals “the season” is coming.  Most people think “the season” officially starts November 1, but I beg to differ.  Each year, it seems our Winter Texans start to trickle in earlier and earlier.


And why not?  I’m sure you’ve heard about the arctic blasts in our northern states.  (Maybe we are being a little dramatic, but once it gets below 70, we tend to pull out our parkas.)  There’s no doubt our Winter Texans think we’re crazy, but cool weather is not something we get very often.  We get hot, hotter, and hotter than…


There is never a lack of things to do here in the Rio Grande Valley.  Whether it’s dancing, shuffleboard, swimming, racing RC cars, or playing pickleball, this is the place to do them all.


We can’t wait to see you out and about this season.  Welcome Home, y’all!


We’re just connecting the dots,



Kristi Collier is a McAllen native who loves to share her passion for the area with others.  Her company, Welcome Home RGV caters to the Winter & Converted Texan market through their events, activities, special interest publications and more.  For more information, call the Welcome Home RGV office at 956-687-5115, visit or visit on facebook at and


McAllen used to be my hometown.  Now it’s my city. 

Okay, maybe I am a bit biased, but my civic pride is seriously overflowing as I write this.  I’ve lived in McAllen for more than 40 years.  What I love most about our area is that we can feel part of a small, tight-knit community and then be instantly transported to being part of a bustling city, sometimes in a matter of mere minutes.  And no, I’m not talking about traffic.


Last Thursday, I experienced just that.  I worked a full day and had my fewer-than-five-minute commute home.  I just had time to freshen up, let the dogs out, and watch the evening news.  I freshened up, picked up a friend, and went to Les Misérables at the McAllen Performing Arts Center (MPAC).


As I drove up to the MPAC, I felt like I was transported from my hometown to a big city.  We saw so many friends in the lobby while we waited for the doors to open it was as if it was the social event of the year.  We were ushered into our seats, and as the lights dimmed, my breath was taken away.  The lights, the sounds, the production, the music!  I was mesmerized from the start and felt as if I was part of the cast. 


Throughout the show, I had to remind myself that it was all real, that I was in my hometown, my city.  To be able to experience the unbelievable performance of Les Misérables right here at home is something I will never forget. 


We’re just connecting the dots,



Les Misérables is making its McAllen debut this September 12-16, 2018 for seven performances at the McAllen Performing Arts Center. Tickets are on sale now and are available in-person at the McAllen Convention Center Box Office, over the phone at 800-745-3000, or online at


Kristi Collier is a McAllen native who loves to share her passion for the area with others.  Her company, Welcome Home RGV caters to the Winter & Converted Texan market through their events, activities, special interest publications and more.  For more information, call the Welcome Home RGV office at 956-687-5115, visit or visit on facebook at and

Powering through change

Sometimes you have to trim the trees in order to foster growth.  Life is like that at times.  That’s the way I feel at Welcome Home RGV.  We’re always changing and growing.  As soon as things get relatively “normal,” we add something new or decide to take the plunge with a challenging software package or a completely new  website design.  And sometimes we do it all at one time!


Last season saw a lot of change for us.  Entering the season, I was anxious (as I always am).  In retrospect, I’m glad I didn’t know what was about to change, or I may have run away from home.  During our busiest time, which starts in October, we brought our coupon book back, started a promotional division, AND opened a travel agency.


It was a chaotic season, but it was also filled with excitement–a different kind of energy, a whole lot of moving things around, and the adventure of discovering our new normal.  We powered through the changes and utilized the slower summer months to adjust and to implement strategies  that would streamline and strengthen not only our new ventures but our current products and services, as well.


I never dreamed at this time last year we’d be where we are today.  Perhaps because the changes were such a natural addition for us, it really doesn’t seem like all that much has changed.  The exciting thing to me is wondering what opportunities will present themselves this season and where we’ll be at this time NEXT year.


A huge thank you to all of you who have had a hand in Welcome Home RGV.  From our staff,  working tirelessly to make the thoughts that flip through my mind come to life, to our followers, our ever-loyal customers, and our faithful volunteers–it’s because of you that we continue to grow, change, and thrive through it all.


We’re just connecting the dots,



Kristi Collier is a McAllen native who loves to share her passion for the area with others.  Her company, Welcome Home RGV caters to the Winter & Converted Texan market through their events, activities, special interest publications and more.  For more information, call the Welcome Home RGV office at 956-687-5115, visit or visit on facebook at and

One hundred thousand Winter Texans can’t be wrong.

In case you missed the memo, the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas is the place to winter this year…and every year after that.  This Valley girl might be a little biased (with McAllen having been my home for…ouch…more than 40 years), but I assure you that once people come to the Rio Grande Valley, they’re hooked.


I’ll admit, it’s a drive, and once you get south of San Antonio, it’s a bit dull at that.  But when you start seeing palm trees dotting the expressway, you know you’re close.   And trust me, it’s well worth the drive.  The difference between South Texas and other winter destinations is that WE want you here.  In addition to the palm trees, you’ll see signs that read ‘Welcome Home Winter Texans.’  We hate to see you leave and can hardly wait for you to get back.


We have welcome parties, discounts, special interest publications, and websites dedicated to making your winter experience a great one.  In a focus group with Winter-Texan participants a few years back, equally as important as our warm weather and low cost of living is the friendliness of our people.  Again, it’s because WE want you here! The Winter-Texan community has made us who we are, and we are forever grateful for your support of our region and your significant impact on our economy.


Sure, there are a number of destinations from which to choose every winter.  But I challenge you to find one as accommodating, friendly, and affordable as South Texas.


Let us show you some real Texas hospitality this winter!

We’re just connecting the dots,



Kristi Collier is a McAllen native who loves to share her passion for the area with others.  Her company, Welcome Home RGV caters to the Winter & Converted Texan market through their events, activities, special interest publications and more.  For more information, call the Welcome Home RGV office at 956-687-5115, visit or visit on facebook at and

What is a Converted Texan, anyway?

After working with Winter Texans for 10+ years, I’ve found that there are so many unique niche groups within the Winter-Texan market.  From golfers to quilters to 1st Responders to Red Hatters to singles, every time I turn around, I find a group of you who share similar interests.

My first year in the ‘business,’ a group of folks at Tip O’ Texas asked me to have dinner with them…in May.  I thought, aren’t you supposed to be home by then?  My curiosity was piqued, and I went on my first, of several, ‘Thirsty Thursday’ dinner outings.  I came to find out that many of our Winter Texans decide they really like it in South Texas and decide to call the Rio Grande Valley their permanent home.  Often times, our Converted Texans get lumped into the same boat as our Winter Texans, but even though they started out that way, they are the first to tell you they are NOT Winter Texans, that they live here permanently.

When you stop to think about the economic impact of our Winter Texans, it makes you stop to think about the impact our Converted Texans have on our community.  They shop here year round.  They support our schools, nonprofits, and churches.  They are involved in the community at a higher level than someone who might be here for just a month or two.  So I find it important–very important–to recognize these folks for all they do for us in the Rio Grande Valley.

We coined the phrase, ‘Converted Texan’ in 2010 to give these folks the recognition they deserve.  We’re taking it one step further this year and having our ‘not so annual’ Converted Texan Corral April 10 at Llano Grande Resort.  This is a party to celebrate this unique bunch and to hopefully entice some of our current Winter Texans to go through the ‘conversion’ process.  Oh, what fun we have planned! Leslie Blasing will be performing, lunch will be served, and we’ll even have a swearing-in ceremony to make their status ‘official.’  We’ll make them raise their right hand and pledge allegiance to all things Texan and issue official Converted-Texan certificates!

Everyone is welcome, whether you are a Converted Texan or not.  Just come and join the fun to celebrate this wonderful bunch.  Advance tickets only!  Please call 956-687-5115 to reserve yours today.

We’re just connecting the dots,


We’re on a first name basis

I also think it is great that not only do our badges reflect where we are, but also where we come from.  I like to look at the badges and see the silent story that they tell, and for me, badges are often conversation starters.
Over the last five years I’ve learned a lot about you, and the way you operate. For instance, each and every one of you is very different, you come from different areas and backgrounds, you have different interests, hobbies and there is simply no way to ‘categorize’ our Winter Texans.  You don’t all like to do the same things.  There are a few things that are pretty common across the board though, you all like warm weather in February, you enjoy life to the fullest, and you have a hard time remembering certain things.  Like last names, the day of the week, what you had for dinner and minor details.
I absolutely love when I visit a park and hear “hey Kristi” throughout the halls.  I was just at Texas Trails for the Bernie & Red fundraiser for St. Baldrick’s and so many of you greeted me by my first name, and I loved every minute of it.  I still use my last name (it’s Collier by the way), but I’d rather you spend your time remembering good times, good friends and great weather than last names.
I hope you’ll join me for our 3rd annual Welcome Home happy hour on Friday, February 22nd at the Mercedes Livestock Showgrounds from 1 – 4 pm.  We’re going to have a happy hour like none other with entertainment by Leslie Blasing, John Sager and Jeff Gordon!  Free admission and free parking, we’ll pass the hat, have beer, wine and setups available and we’d love to have you join us.   Bring your lawnchairs and celebrate the season with us, and we’ll have you home in time for dinner.
We’re just connecting the dots,

Let’s paint a picture

It never ceases to amaze me how many people are touched by this column and how many of them aren’t even Winter Texans. A friend recently told me she felt she had “a window to my soul.” (That can give a person writer’s block in a hurry.) I write from the heart and about what’s on my mind. Sometimes it relates to Winter Texans, and sometimes it doesn’t. Continue reading “Let’s paint a picture”

What’s next?

Believe it or not, this is Welcome Home RGV’s ninth season!  It’s because of the faith and support of so many people that we have been able to make it this far.  A lot has changed over the years. People have come and gone, and we’ve had great ideas, good ideas, bad ideas, and even a few downright terrible ones. But every day, we dust ourselves off, learn from our mistakes, and constantly try to improve our process.

It was February, 2008, when I had a vision, and that vision has become a reality.  It didn’t happen overnight, thank goodness.  We’ve learned the hard way and put in the sweat equity to prove it.  And that is what makes us better and stronger than we ever realized we could be.

What started out as a ‘little coupon book for Winter Texans’ has turned into so much more. We’ve grown by leaps and bounds–from adding an annual directory and a weekly newspaper to purchasing the Winter Texan Expo to hosting our own signature events and activities.  It does boggle the mind at times, yet somehow we all have managed to juggle it all.  But what keeps us grounded is that our vision is centered around one thing:  Winter Texans are such an integral part of our lives here in the Rio Grande Valley.

But that isn’t the exciting part.  I’m excited about what the future holds for our company, where we’ll grow from here, and where we’ll be ten years from now. The winter market is changing, that’s for sure, but we aren’t afraid of change.  We welcome it and will be there amidst it all to offer support, guidance, and solutions to those who need it and a lot of fun for everyone!

That vision in February 2008 was a gift, and we continue to be guided in the right direction. It’s our responsibility to watch, listen, learn, and adapt so we can keep this very important demographic protected.

I look so very forward to seeing all of your smiling faces this winter…and for many more to come!

Baby it’s HOT outside!

By this time, most of our Winter Texans have left the Rio Grande Valley, either to head off to your next adventure, to check on the farm, or to see those grandkids with whom the Valley just can’t compete.  Something tells me that those who haven’t left just yet will, as Tim Smith from KRGV Channel 5 is projecting a high of 103 Saturday.  (Sigh!)


And so it goes with life in the Rio Grande Valley.  We love our winters but shudder just thinking about June, July, and August.  In all honesty, though, I’d rather brave a South Texas summer than to try to live through another North Texas one (that’s why I only lasted in Dallas one year)!  The Valley may be hot, but the high humidity and proximity to the coast allow for ‘cool’ breezes throughout the day and into the evenings.  Yes, to some it might be called wind, but let this optimist see the glass as half full.  It’s one of the only things that gets me through the summer.


The summers are hard, there is no doubt, but I would rather sweat through the summer than have to shovel snow.  But I will say that as I get older and starting planning for the future, the thought of becoming a Winter Texan myself has crossed my mind a time or two.  Spending the summer months on a lake somewhere in Michigan sounds mighty fine to me!


Whether you are still here or up north, you are always in our thoughts.  We anxiously await your return and that touch of cooler weather you tend to bring with you.


We’re just connecting the dots,


The Winter Texan Whisperer

I’ve been told that I’m the Winter Texan whisperer.  I laughed when I first heard it; then I heard it again…and again…and again.  People always ask me how I do it – how I have the ability to connect with so many retirees from across the United States and Canada.  Well, to be honest, it’s not rocket science.  But there IS a secret ingredient.  You have to care.  And I do.  A LOT.  The truth is that I really, REALLY love them.  In order to have any strong relationship, you have to show you care.  I know that is what sets us apart from others who are ‘in the business.’

One thing’s for sure, I want prospective Winter Texans to know that they’ll be in good hands while they winter in South Texas.  And for those of you who are ‘seasoned’ Winter Texas or Converted Texans – you already know you’re about to have an amazing winter.  At Welcome Home RGV, we work tirelessly to keep you informed of what’s going on across the Rio Grande Valley and, in some cases, beyond!  We’ll not only keep you up to date, but we’ll be right there in the trenches with you, whether that be on a bike ride, at happy hour, at a craft show, or on the dance floor.  We might even try to beat you at a game of cards!

We truly look forward to spending the winter with you.  Safe travels to those of you who are on the road, and we’ll see you in South Texas real soon.

We’re just connecting the dots,