Part two of HCA Vice President Cheryl LaBerge’s mid-January email interview with Cadence Tenor Ross Lynde

Welcome Home Winter Texan Exclusive

Cheryl:  Where are you performing between now and February 9?

Ross:  We’ll be performing here at home in the month of January, focusing mostly on local outreach (school) shows and workshops but will have our first show in Texas on February 7th in Terrell.


Cheryl:  Any observations about other artists you admire or who have influenced you?

Ross:  The artist that comes to mind here is Bobby McFerrin.  A pioneer in a cappella music, he paved the way for so many artists to explore their own voices to discover there are truly no limits to the human voice.  We’ve had the great honor to perform with him a number of times, and the fact of his musical genius and multi-Grammy-Award-winning status never detracted from his warmth and humility.  He is indeed a very generous performer.


Cheryl:  What type of audiences do you most enjoy?

Ross:  There are so many different groups we’ve performed for (theatre crowds, choirs and church-folk, primary and high schools, senior residences, etc.) so it’s hard to say which is ‘the best.’  There’s something about the human voice that so easily engages the listener and makes a clear connection to the heart.  The best shows are ones that (where) that connection is made early on, so we can take the audience on a journey that is one part good music, one part good fun.


Cheryl:  Any feedback from audiences that you could share or quotes we might use for PR?

Ross:  Here are some quotes for you:  “This was a very talented group but also very entertaining; we enjoyed the performance a lot. My daughter is 12 yrs.; she said it was the best show we have ever attended and she has attended a lot of shows!”

“Cadence were super showmen and held audience’s attention through whole performance. Wonderful!!!!!”

“It was the first time we went to see an a cappella group and it was delightful.  Exceptional performers and unbelievably great music and vocals.”

“Drums, bass, guitar, trumpet, saxophone. and almost any other instrument imaginable was there to be heard, but nowhere to be seen.  Their delectable harmonies and diverse vocal abilities created in each song a world unto itself – a fusion of sound and imagination.”

“Against the ever-changing skyline of Canadian music, Cadence shines like a rainbow: in their arrangements – brilliant;  in their harmony – weightless and pure as colour;  and in their horizons – promising.”


Cheryl:  Thank you!  You guys were amazing when we saw you in Nashville.  We are very excited that you’ll be here soon!

Ross:  Us too!


Toronto-based Cadence, one of Canada’s top a-cappella groups, performs at Harlingen Municipal Auditorium Saturday, February 9, at 7:30 p.m., presented by the nonprofit Harlingen Concert Association (HCA).  Tickets for the Cadence concert are available online at or at the Harlingen Municipal Auditorium Box Office, 1204 Fair Park Boulevard, 956-216-5990.  The Box Office is open Monday-Friday and an hour before the show. 

See videos of Cadence on their website at

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