As a business owner, those are the three magic words you love to hear.  Luckily, I have heard them more often than not this season.  We move at a very fast pace at Welcome Home RGV, and I’m blessed with an amazing team of people who all work together for the good of the cause.  We have a lot going on with a very short window of time to get it all done, and it takes teamwork to pull it all off.  It’s hard to believe we now have 15 people on our team.  How in the world we did it with three is beyond me.


While I may or may not be the best manager around, I know I’m not the worst.   I admit, I’m stubborn.  I like things done a certain way.  And I have the habit of adding things to the already-busy schedule.  I’m not the best office  communicator, but we have a lot going on, and, once again, we’re moving very fast.  You blink, and you’re behind, so keeping  everyone up to date can be a challenge.


As much as I am a people person, I also value time alone.  I’ve learned that it’s OK to press the pause button every now and then, although I admit I rarely use it.  I also have to remind myself that while my hobbies and extra-curricular activities are work, work, and more work, sometimes a pause can bring clarity.


But I’m also persistent.  I’ve always got my eyes and ears open, looking for new opportunities.  I see and recognize good talent.  I’m a connector.  And the best thing I’ve connected is a wonderful team of folks who show up.  Each and every day, they show up and amaze me with their time and talents and how they spend both of them, effortlessly.  It makes everything we do look so easy to the outsider.  The work we do isn’t rocket science, but it is definitely difficult to replicate.  Why?  Because my people show up and get the job done without complaint.  Rather, they do it with a smile.


As we continue to move forward at lightning speed, I remind myself  that it’s OK to pass off to my team some of the things I’ve done myself in the past  so I, too, can put my time and talents to their best use.  I trust my team to make good decisions.  I value their perspective.  At times we agree to disagree, and that’s just fine.  But most importantly, I will always have their backs.  Why?  Because I trust that whatever decision they make at the time is the right one.


So to hear those three words…WE GOT THIS…means the world to me, whether I have an opportunity to go to a conference, go on a cruise or when I just need to stay home with a cold.  When I hear them, I know in my heart that they truly do have everything under control.  My team’s got this!


We’re just connecting the dots,



Kristi Collier is a McAllen native who loves to share her passion for the area with others.  Her company, Welcome Home RGV caters to the Winter & Converted Texan market through their events, activities, special interest publications and more.  For more information, call the Welcome Home RGV office at 956-687-5115, visit www.welcomehomergv.com or visit on facebook at facebook.com/whrgv and  facebook.com/wintertexan.

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