See you in South Texas this winter!

I’ve been working with Winter Texans in some capacity most of my professional life, but over the last 12 years, I’ve dedicated ALL of my time to–and built a career around–serving the Winter-Texan population here in Deep South Texas.  The Rio Grande Valley (or “the Valley,” as most people call it) has been one of the best-kept retirement secrets throughout the Midwest and Canada for years.


Why Texas?  Well for starters, we are considerably more affordable than other retirement destinations, such as Arizona and Florida.  South Texas has everything you could want out of a retirement destination and more.  Early on in my Winter-Texan-fact-finding mission, I helped facilitate a focus group to find out why our Winter Texans prefer Texas over other destinations.  The results were not surprising.


We’re affordable.  Your money goes further, period, from lot rent and HOA dues (whichever you prefer) to groceries and all things in between.


We’ve got great weather.  Regardless of whether the sun is shining or it’s a bit chilly (here in Texas, 50 is cold), you can bet we’re warmer than it is back home.  When the locals are cold, our Winter Texans are out in shorts and flip flops!


We’re close to Mexico.  The city of Progreso is a Winter-Texan hot spot.  With unlimited shopping, dancing, and dining (not to mention access to low-cost medications and dental services on every corner), a trip across the border makes for a fun-filled day.


And finally, we’re friendly.  Here in Texas, we want you here, and we’re not afraid to shout it from the rooftops.  We recognize the economic impact our winter visitors have on our economy, and we’re forever grateful for it.  Winter Texans are part of who we are–our culture–and we’re happy to welcome them to the ‘familia.’


Come see us in South Texas this winter, where the sun shines as brightly as our faces when you walk into the room! For more information on wintering in South Texas, give us a call at 956-687-5115.  We’d be honored to help you find your home away from home (and a whole lot more).


We’re just connecting the dots,



Kristi Collier is a McAllen native who loves to share her passion for the area with others.  Her company, Welcome Home RGV caters to the Winter & Converted Texan market through their events, activities, special interest publications and more.  For more information, call the Welcome Home RGV office at 956-687-5115, visit or visit on facebook at and

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