Guess who’s coming to a state near you this summer? 



Disclaimer: A state near many of you and IN the state where many of you live!


When I was a little girl growing up in South Texas (a long time ago), I remember seeing a bunch of Winter Texans out having fun, dancing and laughing.  I thought to myself, ‘That’s what I want to be when I grow up.’  Fast forward 40 years, and I’ve created a business that revolves around Winter-Texan hospitality.


I’ve spent the past 12 years learning all about our Winter Texans. I know a LOT about Winter Texans, where you come from and what you like to do while you’re in South Texas.  I guess you could say I’m a Winter-Texan expert of sorts.  One thing I know for sure:  Word of mouth is the #1 thing that drives people to winter in Texas.


With this in mind, I’m beyond thrilled to announce our 1st Annual Winter Texan Reunion Tour!!  This September, we’ll be hosting seven events across five states to celebrate our Winter-Texan friends and to recruit a whole lot more.  It’s time to bring Texas to the Midwest to show prospective Winter Texans what the fuss is all about!


On top of the fun, we’ll have all sorts of information on wintering in South Texas, as well as games and giveaways.  Bring your friends who want to know more about South Texas to the party with you!


For right now, save the dates!  Then stay tuned for more details!


2019 Winter Texan Reunion Tour Schedule

Tuesday, September 3, Rice Lake, Wisconsin

Wednesday, September 4, Rochester, Minnesota

Thursday, September 5, Ames, Iowa

Friday, September 6, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Monday, September 9, Davenport, Iowa

Tuesday, September 10, Peoria, Illinois

Thursday, September 12, Creve Coeur, Missouri


Now, if your state isn’t on the list, don’t stress.  It’s a lot of road to cover, and we can only go so far in two weeks’ time.  We are already working on our 2020 route and are open to suggestions about venues for our 2nd Annual Winter Texan Reunion Tour.


We would love to involve you!  We’re looking for volunteers at all of the sites, so let us know if you’re in!


I can’t wait to see where so many of my Winter-Texan friends live when you’re not with us in the Rio Grande Valley!  We are excited to get this road-trip started!

We’re just connecting the dots,



Kristi Collier is a McAllen native who loves to share her passion for the area with others.  Her company, Welcome Home RGV caters to the Winter & Converted Texan market through their events, activities, special interest publications and more.  For more information, call the Welcome Home RGV office at 956-687-5115, visit or visit on facebook at and

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