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Behavioral Health Solutions of South Texas

5510 N. Cage Blvd.
Pharr, TX 78577
Phone Number
(956) 787-7111





Behavioral Health Solutions of South Texas (BHSST) provides a multilevel approach inclusive of prevention, intervention, treatment, recovery, and research to reduce substance use and related co-existing conditions in our communities, encourage healthier lifestyles related to at-risk public health behaviors, and promote stronger families. Our multi-level approach centers on age appropriateness, cultural and language relevancy in an environment that is research and outcome-based. BHSST aims to be a leader in the development of resources appropriate to its communities by strengthening collaborations and engaging community members to guide our efforts.


One life, one family, one community in a culture of behavioral wellness. Behavioral Health Solutions of South Texas promotes quality of life across the lifespan meeting core behavioral health and wellness services with integration across other human domains: core behavioral health and wellness vision includes:


Learning Environment: The continuous process of professional development and cultural competency based on the belief that every individual shares a journey of growth and every moment in life offers us an opportunity to experience a deeper understanding of ourselves, others, the environment, and our faith and beliefs.

Responsibility to self and others: The beneficence and protection against harm recognizes the boundaries of service in individual, group, and community responsibility and competence to the good of all in fairness and justice.

Integrity of work: Promoting fidelity to our mission goals, and objectives under the guidance of policies, leadership, and accountability; and through implementing our strategic plan and Quality Management Plan. (Includes our grants and contracts statement of work and performance measures.)

Listening Spirit: The building of relationship through collaborations, partnerships, and in the daily professional practice and recognition for the person, team, and work environment to meet the needs of all involved: participants, clients, customers, employees, and the broader society; promoting an environment of health and well-being, spiritual awareness, growth, and success through advocacy, empowerment, and ownership.

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