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Matthew Ryan

Matthew Ryan
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Matthew Ryan was raised on traditional country in the Texas town of Elmendorf. When his grandfather first played “Workin’ Man Blues” on their cassette player, Matthew learned the words within hours, and since then, hasn’t stopped singing true country tunes that define his sound today.

Previously an All-State Defensive End at Holy Cross High School, Matthew went on to play college ball in Eureka, California. But after career-ending injuries, walked away from his trophies to pursue welding. Graduating from South Texas Vocational Technical Institute, he learned a trade highly sought after in the Lone Star State.

But, it wasn’t his life-long goal.

“I’ve known it since the time I was a boy, singing Merle and Lefty and Hank, that I wanted to be up on stage, entertaining crowds who want to hear real country music,” said Matthew. Now in his mid-20s, he’s made his real dream a reality.

Working with the iconic Bill and Debbie Green at BGM Network and co-writing with the talented Billy O’Rourke, along with Lexi Hazlett, Matthew is on his way, with two singles currently on all streaming platforms, and on the radio.

Matthew released his first single, “Downin’ Alcohol,” which peaked at #48 on the Texas Regional Top 100 Chart. After gaining momentum, his second single broke the Top 40, “Buzzin’ On Your Love.”

This 6’4” football player turned welder turned country artist has found his niche, entertaining folks across Texas and surrounding states at festivals, rodeos, dance halls and saloons.

This is the beginning of great things to come for this young man.



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