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The Blue Onion - McAllen

925 Dove Ave
McAllen, TX 78504
Phone Number
(956) 682-9884
The Blue Onion - McAllen - (956) 682-9884

Blue Onion started from an idea that two friends, Gary & Eric, had always wanted to do. A restaurant. But not just any restaurant, we're talking about a real restaurant that uses fresh, local ingredients to make some delicious healthy food. Real food. No microwaves. No prepackaged nonsense. No food made in mass quantities. Everything would be fresh and made to order.

So, Gary & Eric took a chance. They left their jobs and built the first Blue Onion in Weslaco. The results? It worked! Everyone loved their flat bread dips, fresh salads and homemade pizzas.

So much, that McAllen demanded a Blue Onion! Blue Onion expanded to McAllen with long time friend and new partner, Dan leading the way. And, well the rest is pretty much history.

Now Blue Onion has three locations, a full service bar and they even brew their own line of beer (available at Weslaco location). It's quite a dream come true, and they say they owe it all to their loyal customers. Without them, they'd never be where they are today.

Because at Blue Onion, it's not just about having a delicious meal. It's about enjoying yourself with your friends and family.

And remember, it's all good...

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Probably the freshest salads in the Valley. We try our best to use locally grown vegetables, and serve them at the peak of their ripeness to you! And to top it off, pun intended, our homemade dressings.


Handmade pizzas that smell great and taste even better. Seriously, your nose will be jealous of your mouth. Not to mention our housemade sauce, that'll pretty much... well, we'll let it speak for itself.


What goes well with great food? Come on, it's not a tough question. Great beer! At Blue Onion we pride ourselves in having a vast selection of microbrews from around the country. Bottoms up.


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