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The Bryan House

1113 E. Mile 2 Rd.
Mission, Texas
Phone Number
(956) 330-7497
The Bryan House - (956) 330-7497


The Bryan House is the perfect location for having an intimate, small gathering. The house provides indoor and outdoor opportunities for different occassions. If you are looking for a place with incredible history and character, you need look no further. Whether it be a bridal shower, Christmas party, small wedding, family reunions, mediations, heritage tours or just to rest your head The Bryan house will provide incredible memories. This is truly a historic gem full of character and charm.
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History of the Bryan House

The Bryan House was built in 1909 by the famous American politician William Jennings Bryan as a winter residence and after his 3rd attempt at presidency leading the Democratic Party. Bryan purchased 160 acres from John Conway at the very beginning of development of the Rio Grande Valley and the city of Mission while serving as US Secretary of State under Woodrow Wilson. Bryan was a great supporter of the American farmer and the Rio Grande Valley reputation for fertile land was marketed strongly across the mid-west. His marketing abilities were well welcomed to draw people to Mission to farm on large acreage for sale. Bryan resided in Mission until skirmishes along the border escalated and drew national attention. The national guard was called in to provide security as the Mexican Revolution broke out in 1916. Bryan then moved his winter residence to Miami, Florida.

The Bryan House Wedding Venue, B&B

The farmhouse was then owned and farmed for many years by the Buckley and Council family until 1989. It's popularity served as an attracion and example of the successful potential for farming to large excursion parties of prospective land owners. In 1989 the acre in which the Bryan House sits was separated from the rest of the remaining farm. It was purchased by the Wilsons who carefully restored and treasured the house for many years.

The Bryan House Wedding Venue, B&B

In December of 2014, the house was again purchased by Frank & Ariel King. Restored once again and now open to the public, the house has a new lease on life. Historical documents and images are being collected and displayed for the general public to witness. It is currently being used as a B&B, social event center, photographic opportunity, nature hub, and for heritage tours.

Please call for a reservation or appointment @ 956-330-7497

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