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Begin Quilting Class

Date: Jan 06 - Sept 15, 2019
A Block Away Quilt Shop - (956) 638-1961
2706 N 10th St, McAllen. $75.00 pp. Level: Beginner

Maximum 4 participants, Instructor: Barb Bergquist

Learn quilting one week at a time. The eight-week class will take you from the basics of sewing through the steps of creating a simple quilt. By the time you finish, you will have a quilt and be ready to tackle your next quilting project with confidence, and though you still have much to learn, you will able to do it because you will know the basics of quilting. This is our plan of attack:

Week 1 – Jan. 6th: Learn about your sewing machine, the basics of sewing and create a simple table runner to apply your newfound knowledge.

Week 2 – Jan. 13th: Creating a quilt starts with cutting. You will learn how to use your rotary cutter, ruler and mat to cut those big pieces of fabric into the small pieces you'll need to create your quilt pattern.

Week 3 – Jan. 20th: Now that you have many small pieces, you'll sew them together into the pattern's design.

Week 4 – Jan. 27th: You have the center of your pieced top finished so now it is time to add the borders.

Week 5 – Feb. 3rd: Sandwich time! But this one you won't eat. We will layer the pieced top, the batting and the backing together to prepare for next week's step. And depending on what you choose for backing, you may find you must piece your backing first.

Week 6 – Feb. 10th: You've put much effort into creating a beautiful pieced top, possibly pieced your backing, and built your quilt sandwich. It is time to secure it all together so that it will withstand the loving it will get later.

Week 7 – Feb. 17th: Look how far you've gotten already, but you are not quite finished. We will concentrate on the remaining raw edges of the quilt. We'll bind them up and get ready to wrap up this quilt project.

Week 8 – Feb. 24th: It's time to label our work so that our loving effort is appreciated for years to come. And when we finish, we'll celebrate what we've all created!

Sundays, 2:00pm – 4:00pm $75/person for all eight sessions (includes pattern)

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