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Amie Gray

Although Amie (with an “ie,” not a “y”) doesn’t have an official nickname, we like to call her Grammar Queen because of her ability to spot grammatical errors that even the most adroit grammarians might miss.

Amie is Welcome Home RGV’s jack of all trades. That may be cliché, but if you know Amie, you understand that it describes her perfectly. Officially, she is in charge of the distribution of the Welcome Home RGV directory and our weekly newspaper, Welcome Home Winter Texan. She also oversees all of our treasured volunteers. But, seriously, if you have any questions about Welcome Home RGV or the Rio Grande Valley, Amie can answer them or will know exactly where to refer you to get the answers.

Originally from Louisiana, Amie is an official Converted Texan who moved to the Valley 23 years ago because this is where her husband’s family lives.

A voracious reader, Amie cannot choose one favorite.

“I can read on my phone, on the go, and I have a stack of five or more books on the nightstand at any given time,” she said.
Although she doesn’t have a favorite book, Amie has a favorite quotation: When nothing goes right…go left!

Amie’s favorite spot in the Valley is McAllen because it is her home. The one place in the RGV where she hasn’t been but where she would love to go is Mission, to see the 900-year-old tree.

Got a question? Call Amie. Trust us. Everything will go right, so you won’t have to worry about going left.

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