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Rita Huether

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Rita is WHRGV’s 1st Responder program coordinator. She helps 1st Responder volunteers within the Valley’s RV park and resort communities start and maintain 1st Responder programs. These highly skilled and trained volunteers assist their friends and neighbors at the RV parks and resorts where they live by expediting further medical services in emergency and non-emergency situations. Rita coordinates tours and meetings with doctors and other providers within the RGV in her ongoing quest to teach her fellow 1st Responders what services are available to our Winter (and Converted) Texans.

“I work with awesome people to bring training opportunities, the newest technology, and knowledge of medical procedures and treatment to our 1st Responder communities,” Rita said.

Rita became a Winter Texan in October of 2005, traveling with her husband as a full-time RVer for several years. The couple later decided they preferred the life of Converted Texans and became permanent residents of the RGV.

Rita and her husband love Valley life, including access to excellent medical facilities and other important services. They also appreciate the low cost of living, the awesome fresh fruit, and having so many great entertainment options. The weather also played a big role in their decision to “convert,” with beautiful flora year round and no snow to shovel.

“Living full time in the RGV, we enjoy the slower pace during summer, which allows time for reading mysteries, swimming, and playing golf, as well as social time with our Converted-Texan and lifelong-Texan friends,” Rita said. Whenever they have visitors from outside the Valley, Rita and her husband take them on dolphin cruises on South Padre Island. Seeing the dolphins in their natural habitat and dining on fabulous fresh seafood never grows old for them.

Because Rita and her husband have traveled extensively and tend to explore their surroundings fully, there aren’t too many places they have missed in the Valley, throughout Texas, and beyond. When an opportunity arises for a new exploration or something they haven’t heard of, they seek it out and make time to experience it.

“Several years ago, I had the opportunity to check another item off my bucket list when the hot-air balloons launched out of the Mercedes livestock showgrounds,” Rita said, “and we flew toward Mexico for our landing.” She also took advantage of the opportunity to swim with the dolphins on a cruise with Kristi, which she thoroughly enjoyed. Rita shared this cruise with her widowed mother, who moved from Montana to the RGV and has now become the newest Converted Texan in the family.

If you want to establish a 1st Responder program at your RV park or resort, give Rita a call. She’ll help you get it up and going in no time. (And she might even help you get some adventures crossed off your own bucket list!)
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