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Jenny Carpenter

Jenny Rebecca Carpenter has been the graphic designer at Welcome Home RGV for eight years. She is the one who makes our newspaper, our annual, and all of our other print and web graphics look so incredibly orange and fabulous.

She grew up in New York and graduated from Marist College, where she played second base on the college’s softball team and helped them earn the title of Conference Champions in 1996. Jenny moved to the RGV in the summer of 2000 because winter just wasn’t her thing.

Born deaf, Jenny has never liked the idea of labels. Years ago, she wanted to be a Pixar animator, but the choices she made steered her on a different path. Jenny owns silentBytes design and recently launched a new deaf LOVE/ILY design brand. Her favorite quotation is If you don’t understand my silence, how will you understand my words?”

She is a Star-Wars fanatic, even throwing herself a Star-Wars-themed fortieth birthday party to last a decade. “How?” you might ask. Well, she titled her party May the Forties be with You.

Because Jenny reads a wide variety of book genres, she cannot choose a favorite. “I enjoy reading the Bible, graphic-design books, and inspirational biographies,” she said.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Jenny’s favorite place in the Valley is New York Deli, a popular eatery that can be found in McAllen, Harlingen, and Brownsville. “They have the best food and customer service,” Jenny said. “I just love the atmosphere there, and it is my way to remind myself where my roots are.”

Although Jenny has never made it to La Sal del Rey, she certainly plans to because she said it sounds like a magical place where she could enjoy one of her many hobbies, photography.

Jenny’s friends call her “Mouse” or “Carp,” though you’ll have to ask her why. It seems rather ironic that her nickname is “Mouse” and yet she is a zealous cat lover. “I wish I could save them all,” said Mouse.

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