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Anne Marie Martin

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Anne Marie is Welcome Home RGV’s event coordinator (aka party animal). Vendors who wants to sign up for any of our events or who have questions about them can call Anne Marie, and we guarantee you she will take great care of you.

At the age of 16, Anne Marie, whose nickname is “Rere” (You will have to ask her about that!) and her family moved from Mississippi to the Valley when her dad got a job transfer. Anne Marie fell in love with a guy whose family is in Winter-Texan park development, and the rest is history. Now, she and her husband own their own park, Eldorado Acres.

When asked about her favorite book, the ever-humorous Anne Marie responded, “Does Facebook count as a book?”

What else should you know about Anne Marie? “I like to go relax at the beach, and I don’t eat green things,” she said. (You would never know it because she is so tiny, despite having three children).

The one place in the Valley where Anne Marie has never been but where she would like to go is Laredo. Why? Because local activity directors told her it was wonderful after going there last season.

Whenever it’s party/activity/meeting time, you will find Anne Marie making sure everything runs smoothly and everyone is having a memorable time.

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