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Kristy Meyer

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In Spanish, tocaya is what one lady calls another who has the same name. Kristy Meyer is Kristi’s tocaya. They have something else in common; they are both blondes. Kristy’s official nickname is Blondie, but around the Welcome Home office, she is known as Kristy with a y or as Travel Kristy, this nickname because she takes care of one of the company’s newest divisions, Travel by Welcome Home. Whenever you’re ready to book your latest adventure, Travel Kristy will take care of everything for you.

Born and raised in the Valley, Kristy chose to stay here to be close to her family. In high school, she was an athletic trainer. It was this role that resulted in one of the funniest experiences of her life. “My braces got caught on one of the hottest football player’s jersey as he was running out to the field for the next play, and the officials had to call a time out because they had to cut my braces off of his jersey,” she said. “And he didn’t know I was stuck to his jersey!”

People magazine is Kristy’s favorite reading material, and the quotation she loves most is, “This is how we roll.”

Besides her “home, sweet home,” Kristy’s favorite spot in the Valley is South Padre Island. Although she goes there often, Kristy has never been to Sea Turtles, Inc. and has yet to experience the release of baby turtles, something she would absolutely love to see one day.

There is a bit more Kristy would like you to know about her. “I love my sweet, blended family, to travel (which is a given), Dr. Pepper, country music, and chocolate,” she said.

And Welcome Home RGV loves Kristi’s tocaya.

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