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Print Advertising

We connect the dots.

What does that mean? Well, there are many points where retirees can be brought together with the goods and services they want. At Welcome Home – Rio Grande Valley, we’re very good at creating those connections.

Retirees, or more specifically Winter Texans have learned to count on us to connect them with our members’ products and services not simply through our directory, website, e-newsletters, and seasonal weekly magazine but also through the many events and networking opportunities we facilitate. Our unique relationships with Activity & Tour Directors, Property Managers, and 1st Responders means we’re able to communicate extensively and personally with residents in retirement communities all over South Texas.

But our market is more than just Winter Texans. Many retirees stay here all year long. So we stay connected with our market year-round through e-newsletters, our converted Texan program and our property manager program.

All this makes us more than just a marketing company. It makes us a true partner for our members and the smartest, most effective way to reach the retired market.

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