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Real Estate by Welcome Home

Announcing Real Estate by Welcome Home

by Eryn Reddell-Wingert

It started as a thought. Then a phone call. The ultimate result: Real Estate by Welcome Home.

It’s more involved than that, of course, but the idea to create a real estate company under the Welcome Home RGV umbrella had been turning over in owner Kristi Collier’s mind for years. When real estate broker Carol Welch called one day, Collier broached the subject. That conversation set the ball rolling.

“It’s the perfect opportunity to really serve the 55-and-older community across the Valley,” says Welch, who has specifically focused on serving this demographic since moving to the Rio Grande Valley. Originally from North Dakota, Welch’s career prior to real estate was as a business consultant out of Austin.

As a consultant, she knew she was making a difference for organizations and their employees but didn’t get to witness the end result. She says she chose real estate, not only to make a difference but to also see the positive impact all the way through. Her focus--to make an incredibly complicated, stressful experience as smooth, as easy, and as enjoyable as possible.

Welcome Home RGV has been linked to the Winter Texan community for 14 years.

“For Kristi, it’s always been about helping and connecting people,” says Curt Riester. “For [Welcome Home RGV], as a real estate agency--it just made sense.” Riester recently completed 180 hours of coursework and subsequent testing and is officially a real estate agent, and Collier is well on her way.

“We can really walk our clients through the whole journey,” says Collier. “We’ve been matching RV-ers with parks based on amenities for a long time - and will continue to do so, and now when they want to buy, we can help them with all of it.” Real Estate by Welcome Home - is qualified to sell real property and manufactured home sales.

The team at Real Estate by Welcome Home - which also includes Betsy Warwas - recognizes the importance of finding the right fit for seasonal and year-round visitors and has extensive knowledge of the 55+communities.

“I’ve always described real estate as matchmaking,” says Welch. “People are always asking, ‘What’s a good park?’ but, that’s different for everybody. We have that knowledge; we can customize it for them.”

Collier can’t contain her excitement for this new endeavor.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to continue to serve the 55+ community with the same energy, enthusiasm, and attention to detail we have for the last 14 years.”

For more information, call 956-686-8162 and ask for Carol, Curt, Betsy, or Kristi!

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