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Digital Display

Digital Display Details

Did you know that it takes a minimum of 5-7 impressions to make an impact? By using our digital display in your resort, you can complement the signage on your bulletin boards, and in your newsletters and announcements. At no cost to you!

  • There is no cost to the participating park that would like a digital display in their recreational hall or front office as long as it is agreed that the display will remain on at all times.
  • The display must be connected to your wifi network in order to work.
  • Programming will be split with Welcome Home RGV, with the resort having no less than 50% of the programming. Welcome Home RGV has the right to run internal advertising to promote its events and offerings at no cost. The remaining advertising portion will be sold, and the resort will earn a commission based on sales at the end of the season. WHRGV and the resort both have the option to decline an advertising partner.
  • Parks will not be able to advertise in other parks’ displays unless agreed upon in writing by both parties.

Sample Display

Submitting your content

  • Please submit the content that you would like to display and we will customize the templates we have designed.
  • It could take up to two business days for us to update your display.
  • We recommend you map out what you’d like to display ahead of time and provide us with a list of the most important things to highlight.
  • Submit all your requests to: display@welcomehomergv.com
    • Make sure you reference your park name in the subject line of your email!
    • Include the date, time, price, and any details you want to be listed (ex: Sign up sheet in the hall, Tickets going on sale on DATE, Tickets available at Park Meeting, etc).
    • If items are recurring, please indicate that (ex: Every Wednesday)

Questions? Call Kristi Collier at (956) 687-5115 or by email at kristi@welcomehomergv.com

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