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Connecting the Dots: 9/8/2020

It's starting to cool off up North! Meanwhile, as the hot summer comes to an end in South Texas we are gearing up to enjoy the outdoors and our wonderful weather!

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of staying home. This past spring and summer I took advantage of the opportunity to purge and clean like never before! I dabbled in a little decorating. I repainted a few things. I did all the tasks I said I would do if I ever had enough time, well, except maybe lose twenty pounds! But, in my defense my family and I supported local eateries via curbside and delivery!

I will say this though, even though it’s been hotter than a jalapeño pepper – I’m most proud of the work I’ve done outside. Our trip to Mexico City this past February to see the monarch butterflies really resonated with me. So, I planted a butterfly attracting garden! It’s been fun watching it grow, and I anxiously await the monarch migration this October!

I am equally excited about the upcoming Winter Texan season! While I wish I had a crystal ball to see what it is going to look like, I do know this: It will be different and we’re ready!

As we navigate the new season, I’m sure many of you have loads of questions. Will there be dancing? Will there be jam sessions, craft sales, meals, and entertainment? I don’t have an answer to these specific questions, yet. Will there be plenty of things to do outdoors in the sunshine? That, I can answer: Absolutely!

Here in South Texas there’s a whole lot you can do during the winter while social distancing. Such as, gardening; walking; bike riding; golfing; touring beautiful nature sights; fishing; and exploring! (Just to name a few!)

Over the next few months, we will highlight local places of interest and things to do during your visit to help you leave the thought of shoveling snow behind as you bask in the warm South Texas sun! I know that it will not be what we're used to, but as long as we're together we'll have a great time! I look forward to seeing you in South Texas soon!

We're just connecting the dots,
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