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Ginny McPherren

96-year-old Palmview Golfer Inspiring Others by Leading Active Lifestyle

by Rocio Villalobos

Ginny McPherren does not believe in excuses. She recently celebrated her 96th birthday and is active as ever at Palmview’s Mission West RV Resort.

The North Carolina native has been visiting the RGV for 10 years, driving herself down to South Texas and staying active in all the park has to offer--especially golfing.

“I'm up by 8:00 every morning and get my day started with coffee and breakfast,” McPherren said. “I have to be out by 10 because that’s when golf starts.”

She has taught golf lessons throughout her life and continues helping her neighbors who want to improve.

“I have a knack where I can see what they’re doing wrong,” she said. “This one guy was playing, and I kept watching him, and he was a pretty good golfer. After awhile, I went over and said, ‘Let’s move your hand like this,’ and from then on, he was really playing. I love seeing them get better.”

McPherren hits the golf course twice a day, as she believes in keeping active and always improving.

“I’m competitive in everything I do,” she said. “I can’t help it; I play to win.”

Throughout her life, McPherren has held various jobs, including as a police officer, a teacher, and, most recently, a nurse.

“It’s just whatever became available and interested me,” she said. "As a nurse, I can see the importance of staying busy, keeping your mind busy, keeping your body busy, and laying off the stuff that doesn’t add to your welfare.”

Apart from golf, she is involved in her church, singing and playing instruments; at the age of 11, she taught herself how to play the banjo. In her time at the park, she has gotten to know most of her neighbors.

“If they go to the jam session, if they go to church, if they play cards or golf, I know them,” she said. “I really don’t know the ones that stay home, sit on their butts and do nothing.”

While she encourages others to take charge of their health by getting active, McPherren said she does not like to push people. Instead, she chooses to lead by example.

“I have had one of the most beautiful, most productive and satisfying lives anyone could have had,” she said. “It’s just been one beautiful experience, and my Heavenly Father is responsible for it all.”

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