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Sandy Rogers

Mission Activity Director Mindful of Residents’ Enjoyment

by Rocio Villalobos

Sandy Rogers had big ambitions when she took over as activity director at Mission’s Eldorado Acres RV Park three years ago.

“We tried to make the Hall more accessible to all people, whether they want to play cards or we have ladies that do sewing and make blankets for charity,” Rogers said. “We have people that range from 90, down to a few in their mid-50s, so we try to make them all happy. We know the older people can’t do a lot of running around and sightseeing; that’s why we have a lot of games here to play. And the younger ones, myself included, we all like to line dance.”

Rogers moved to the Mission resort from Oklahoma five years ago to be closer to her 90-year-old mother, who moved to the same park in 1985. Every morning, they spend time together while enjoying coffee.

“I live right across the street from her, so I can keep an eye on her,” she said. “It’s very rewarding to see her and spend time with her.”

After her visits with her mother, whom everyone endearingly refers to as “grandma,” Rogers has a full schedule keeping all of the residents updated on any new County restrictions due to COVID-19, while ensuring they still have fun activities to do.

One thing she said residents of all ages enjoy are the meals served at the Community Hall. With those on pause, they are adapting in order to still offer something for the holidays.

“We are making to-go boxes and serving all the guests,” she said. “Myself and some work campers are helping fix everything.”

As someone with an outgoing personality, Rogers finds her role rewarding and said the residents make it feel easy.

“It’s a very good group of people from different parts of the United States,” she said. “You can drive around the Park, and they’ll all be waving at you and smiling.”

Apart from looking out for her mom and neighbors, Rogers also cares for a friendly 65-pound dog.

“I spend a lot of time walking her around the park because she just loves the people and she wants everyone to stop and pet her and talk to her,” she said.

While the Park’s season has slowed down due to Winter Texans being hesitant to visit this year, Rogers remains hopeful that the situation soon improves and assures the visitors they will keep safe and healthy at Eldorado with all the measures that have been implemented.

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