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Winter Texan of the Week: Tim Davidson

Retired Circus Performer, Police Sergeant Recognized for Leadership Qualities

by Rocio Villalobos

Tim Davidson is all about giving back to his community. He served on the Minneapolis Police Force for 40 years, following in the footsteps of his father. Now, as a Converted Texan at Mission’s Winter Green Estates, he serves as president of the Residents’ Council.

Davidson said the skills he developed on the police force, including how to problem solve, have helped him in this role. He was unanimously appointed.

“Any time they place that kind of confidence in you, it’s an honor,” he said. “If someone has a problem, I’m the first one they come to. It’s just making sure things run as they’re supposed to.”

With an extensive background in law enforcement--a field in which he climbed the ranks from patrolman to sergeant to investigator--he’s been invited to present to the Mission Police Department about the evolution of police in the past few decades.

“One thing I liked about police work is you never knew what was going to happen,” Davidson said. “It was an interesting time. I liked the adrenaline rush.”

His gravitation toward adventure led him to his first career as a circus performer and elephant trainer. In his five years with the circus, he also picked up useful skills he’s kept with him throughout his life.

“When you’re traveling in a circus for eight months out of the year, you have to learn to live with each other,” he said. “Circus people come from a broad range of backgrounds. Plus, it’s good physical training because everything is heavy.”

While his present position as Resident’s Council president doesn’t require so much physical exertion, he is always eager to volunteer his time and energy, staying active in the park and in his church.

Davidson moved to the Valley two years ago but already considers himself a local, having been a visitor since 1977 when his parents stayed at the same park.

“My parents started coming here when the park was nothing but street and dirt,” he said. “My wife and I are well acquainted with the Valley. We really enjoy it, and I would never have even thought about living anywhere else after retirement.”

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